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We have Lost Treasure on our beaches!!

1715 Fleet Shipwreck Treasure Map

Regular people are finding shipwreck coins on our local beaches. I'm talking about real shipwreck treasure. Right on the beach. When I first moved to this area, I heard the rumors. People kept this very quiet, but something like this just can't be kept secret for very long. This shipwreck treasure was coming from ancient Spanish treasure shipwrecks sunk along our coast during a hurricane in 1715. Local people have taken advantage of these treasure shipwrecks, and carried home doubloons, old Spanish coins, shipwreck jewelry, cob coins, Pillar Dollars, Spanish gold coins, gold and silver from these beaches and it would seem that not a lot of folks are aware of this. So, I thought I would help this situation along. Since we've lived in this part of the country for many years now, and since sailing, pirates and the Spanish Main are somewhat synergistic, I thought that a shipwreck treasure page was appropriate as who wouldn't like to find some valuable shipwreck coins on a Florida treasure beach?

I'm a sailor, not a treasure hunter, but living here for 20 years I've had friends who were. The information presented here was gathered by those who 'know' and is very real.  I'm publishing exact directions to every treasure beach I'm aware of in central Florida.  I know it's not Pirate Treasure, but hey, a treasure beach is a treasure beach ...right? Hunting for tropical treasure can add a little excitement to life and who can say if there's a pirate treasure chest waiting to be found?  Besides, if you're taking the kids to Disney or Universal, this would make a great day trip (roughly 1 1/2 hours by car), and who knows, you could get rich. Why not? I've heard a lot weirder get rich schemes and they were smoke and mirrors, this is real.

Be aware that treasure hunting on these sites could possibly be in violation of Florida Law. Use this page at your own risk.

These directions begin from a city in east central Florida roughly even with and some 60 miles from Orlando, FL.  The city is Melbourne, FL. Melbourne is a vibrant, coastal town separated from the Pirate TreasureAtlantic Ocean by a barrier island which runs along the coast some 70 miles and is connected to the mainland by several causeways. This barrier island is where the shipwrecks occurred and where 1715 Fleet artifacts are found. The lagoon formed between the city and the island is a part of the USA east coast intracoastal waterway, and is where I do most of my sailing.

Before we get started, this is important.. if you are one of the lucky ones, keep it to yourself. These days the Spanish Government is suing anyone who finds anything that looks like it might be from an ancient Spanish ship as they are claiming it as Spanish Government property. Believe it or not, there is more recent news on this as the Country of Peru has also chimed in saying that most of these ancient Spanish coins were minted in Peru and therefore... you guessed it ... the coins belong to them, not Spain.

I'm posting this because as of today (October '09) neither the Spanish claim or the Peru claim has been upheld in US courts, and therefore I'm confident that I'm not advising anyone to break the law. This could change, as it's now up to US courts to decide the matter. We all know this could take years. In the meantime there's absolutely no need for you to become one of their test cases on Admiralty Law. I'm not an attorney but in my humble opinion, if you treasure hunt and find gold on these beaches there is a precedent in "finders keepers ... losers weepers, " section of US Law regardless of who's shipwreck was responsible for littering our beaches with their gold.

First, some brief History   (or why we are all reading this)

Every year, two fleets traveled between Spain and the Americas; the Esquadron de Terra Firme from Spain to South America, and the Flota d e Nova Espana toward Vera Cruz. Sometimes, these two fleets would travel together all the way to the Caribbean. The return voyage was more dangerous. The galleons were fully loaded with precious cargoes of gold, silver, jewelry, tobacco, spices, indigo, cochineal etc… The crews were tired and often plagued by health problems brought on by tropical diseases, malnutrition, and deplorable hygienic conditions on board. These conditions made ships even more vulnerable to attacks by pirates, but the greatest danger came from an uncontrollable element; the weather. The general weather conditions were more favorable during the summer1715 treasure fleet months. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean were calmer, and the prevailing winds gentler. However, in 1715 the fleet left later than usual and were caught by a hurricane off the coast of central Florida. The entire fleet was lost on the reefs off the coast of Florida. Six of the 11 shipwreck sites have been discovered, the other 5 shipwrecks remain to be found with only a general idea as to their location. The consensus is that they should be found between Cape Canaveral ( US space center) to the north and Fort Pierce to the south. The Melbourne area is roughly in the center of this general area and many artifacts have been found washed up on our local beaches. We can only surmise that these undiscovered shipwrecks are located right here.

Now before I give you the directions to our lost treasure, there's one more important brief comment for anyone who hasn't visited our beaches. Florida beaches are continuous (obviously). On some stretches, it's possible to walk for miles without encountering anyone. Brevard county has 70 miles of coastline. The following areas are places in Brevard and Indian River counties where people have found lost treasure which has washed ashore from these shipwrecks year after year, just by walking the beach. Many of these areas are sparsely populated. For the most part, there are no concession stands and restaurants are few and far in between. Look for Bait and Tackle shops as they're your best bet for refreshments (and frozen Margaritas!!). It's probably best that you pack a lunch and bring something to drink, and don't forget to bring a hat and the most protective sunscreen you can find!! (we're talking SPF 70 here). Also note that gas stations are spaced 5 to 10 miles apart on A1A.

Lastly, if you do hit the jackpot, please remember to take care of the guy who gave you the directions to these sites !! (Me). It would be greatly appreciated.

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